YOGA FOR Arthritis

About YOGA FOR arthritis

Yoga can ease movement, improve posture, and align bones. A regular practice can create space and ease pain in damaged joints, and help to prevent the cartilage erosion that causes the pain of arthritis. 

It can also be a good way to build muscle strength (for example hand grip) because, practised correctly, it doesn’t put too much pressure on the joints – provided you don’t overdo it when joints are flaring. 

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and pranayama (breathing techniques), can also help you mentally deal with the pain and improve your sense of wellbeing – helping to reduce the stress and tension caused by the discomfort and pain of arthritis. This, in turn, can promote better sleep and relaxation, helping to improve all-round physical health, wellbeing and vitality.

What the clinical studies say


  • Alleviates depression 
  • Decreased HAQ disability index 
  • Decreases perception of depression 
  • Decreases perception of pain 
  • Improved balance 
  • Improvements in Rheumatoid Arthritis disease parameters 
  • Improves handgrip strength 
  • Improves mental health 
  • Improves RA symptoms and functioning 
  • Increases vitality 
  • Reduces disability scores for rheumatoid factor levels

  • Alleviates depression 
  • Enhances emotional regulation 
  • Improves wellbeing 
  • Reduction in psychological distress

  •  Alleviates depression 
  • Enhances emotional regulation
  •  Improves wellbeing 
  • Reduces psychological distress