YOGA FOR Back Pain

About Yoga for Back Pain

As the common causes of back pain are poor posture and alignment, muscle tightness or weakness (especially around the core), over-flexibility and stress, yoga can be an effective back pain treatment. 

The stretching, relaxing and balancing movements can improve flexibility in a controlled way, breathing fresh oxygen and nutrients to constricted areas, reducing pain, improving quality of life and increasing vitality. 

You don't always need to get on a mat. Meditation can be a great way to reduce the psychological distress of backache and simple activities such as so-called Chair Yoga are a good start. You can sit at your desk at work, or in the comfort of your favourite armchair, and work through a series of exercises that should bring some relief. 

For more serious ailments such as a slipped disc, always consult a doctor first.

What the clinical studies say


  • Alleviates depression 
  • Fosters relaxation 
  • Improves balance 
  • Improves quality of life 
  • Improves vitality 
  • Increases flexibility 
  • Reduces functional disability 
  • Reduces pain

  • Alleviates anger
  • Pain acceptance 
  • Reduces psychological distress

  • Pain Acceptance