Give the Gift of Yoga At Work


Off the Shelf and Custom Printed Yoga Products for Employees and Clients

We've all been there. Feeling stressed and anxious, our mental and physical health suffering, and with it, our ability to function.

Yoga Reduces Stress and Improves Wellbeing

Our roundup of clinical studies shows that yoga has a significant effect on stress levels; reducing feelings of anxiety, anger and fatigue, cultivating self-compassion, increasing stress resilience and the ability to cope, improving wellbeing and quality of life. As well as relieving back pain and headaches, yoga has been proven to lower burnout rates and reduce absenteeism at work.   

 You may be familiar with these issues in your own workplace, and your corporate clients are no different. They may be functioning well on the surface, but they are also prone to the stress and mental health challenges that come with high pressured jobs.   

 With Coronavirus making these challenges so much worse, there’s never been a better time to give your employees and clients the gift of yoga.   

 And that starts with easy access to the yoga products they need to get started.

And they are all sustainably and ethically made - with care for people and the planet.



Off-the-peg corporate yoga gifts   

Gift your clients or employees an off-the-peg recycled yoga mat, a beginners’ yoga mat bundle including a block and strap, a yoga t-shirt with a reminder to “Breathe”, or maybe a Norfolk lavender eye pillow to help your people unwind.

Review our off-the-peg corporate yoga gifts collection here.



Custom printed yoga products 

We also offer custom personalised yoga mats with your company name, your brand logo, your own design, or a beautiful photo that is meaningful to your business. 

Alongside our custom printed yoga mats, we offer personalised mat carry straps, yoga blocks, bricks and yoga straps, bolsters and meditation cushions, and yoga t-shirts. 

Review highlights from our custom printed collection here. Everything on this page can be customised to your specifications. We can also customise our meditation cushions and bolsters and straps with your logo.

 We can send your gift with a personalised message on your headed paper, or in your own unique wrapper.

 Please call David on 0845 644 0231 for a bespoke quote, or email him:



Made by yogis 

 Our yoga mats and equipment are made by yogis – meaning they are both expertly and sustainably made – with care for people and the planet.   

 There is no better way to show your employees, and clients, that you have their wellbeing at heart than to give them the gift of yoga.   

 Please call David on 0845 644 0231 for a bespoke quote, or email him:



Get help finding a corporate yoga teacher   

We’re lucky enough to be good friends with some of the UK’s best yoga teachers so if you need help with finding one please let us know. They are available to teach office yoga, online yoga, and also private yoga classes for those who would benefit from personal tuition.

 Please call David on 0845 644 0231, or email him: