An Easy Guide to Mayurasana, or Peacock Pose

Mayurasana, or Peacock Pose, is an important yoga pose because the peacock is the national bird of India, where peacock feathers are kept for good luck. In Mayurasana, the legs are lifted to mimic the peacock’s beautiful tail feathers, so this pose requires great strength in the arms and core to sustain this lift.

Peacock Pose

When the elbows press the abdominal section in Mayurasana, they give the organs a massage which boosts digestion and detoxes. 

 This is one of the best yoga poses for toning a flabby tummy.

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How to do Mayurasana, or Peacock Pose, in easy steps

Step 1:

Sit on your heels, a bit of space between the knees, toes curled under.

Step 2:

Lean forward at a forty-five-degree angle. Place the palms in front of you, fingers facing backwards towards your navel.

Step 3:

Bend the elbows while keeping the forearms touching. Bring the diaphragm forward to rest on the elbows, chest resting on the upper arms.

Step 4:

Then straighten the legs one at a time, keeping them strong and in contact with each other, and the floor.

Step 5:

Exhaling, maintain your weight on your wrists and hands, then lift the legs entirely from the floor with feet together, stretching the upper body and head forward at the same time. 

Step 6:

The entire body, except the arms, should now be parallel with the floor.

Step 7:

Hold the pose for as long as you can, gradually increasing the time from 5 breaths to 10. Try not to put pressure on the ribs, but the diaphragm will naturally be pressed.

Step 8:

To come down, lower first the head, and then the legs, to the floor. Then place your knees on the floor beside the hands. Unfold your hands, give the wrists a shake out, and relax.

Peacock Pose

Yoga pose category:  Weight on hands

Level: 3

This is a hard yoga pose that’s built for strong yogis, so it’s normal to struggle with balance and lift. You could try using yoga blocks, by resting the forehead and shins on them. This will help you to practice the positioning of the body, before trying to sustain the lift.

Sanskrit words meaning: 

Mayur - peacock

Asana - pose

Yoga pose health benefits: 

Like all yoga poses, Mayurasana has many health benefits. Use it to help with the following health conditions:




Flabby tummy




Balance issues

Yoga pose contraindications: 

Don’t practice Mayurasana if you have any of the following health conditions:

Wrist injury

Elbow injury

Shoulder injury


High blood pressure

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