A Yoga Story for Waking up to Joy

Sam Whitley is a Yoga Teacher whose personal yoga journey illustrates how yoga helps us make huge shifts in our mental and physical state – achieving better levels of mental and physical fitness than we had in our teens and twenties.

I was always on the go

I found yoga when I started to feel stiff. I was in my early 20's, I spent all winter skiing and snowboarding and all summer working as an outdoor instructor. I abused my body with activities, putting it through heavy work all day and then coming home and still wanting to go and play outside. I was always on the go, with a busy mind racing me from one place to the next, I thought my adventures were non-stop.

Yoga helped me work through barriers

Yoga gave me a way to manage my body, I got stronger and more flexible, I felt more in control of what I could do and I started to understand how and why to take care of myself. Yoga also gave me time to challenge my mind, to question why I lead an adventurous lifestyle and it helped me acknowledged and work through barriers which had been preventing me from going further.

I wake up every morning feeling fresh and grounded

I look back in absolute joy now that I found yoga. 10 years on and I'm skiing and biking harder and faster than I ever was in my 20's. I wake up every morning feeling fresh and grounded. I honour my practice, my meditation, my mindful approach to life every day.

My yoga practice helped me make a huge shift

My yoga practice helped me make a huge shift in my life too; I now love to share my journey and to help other on theirs. I changed paths in life and took some time to trained as a sport & remedial therapist and yoga teacher. I now run a small yoga and bodywork studio in my home mountains of Snowdonia, Wales, and I run yoga and ski/snowboard retreats during the winter months in the Meribel Valley, French Alps.

My life is in yoga

I want people to feel what I feel when I see the mountains; the sense of joy and the tingle of excitement, the feeling that I can achieve and I can explore, that these places are for me and that my life is in yoga. That's my personal yoga journey.