A Yoga Story for Understanding that the Universe is Inside of You

Anjali Mehta became a Yoga Teacher age 14. Her remarkable personal yoga journey has shown her the importance of breathing into the experience of life with all her heart, and smiling at whatever it brings.

I started falling into the endless journey that is yoga

When I started yoga, I was only 10 years old. I was a naive little girl who thought yoga would make me taller and smarter (according to my parents). I started falling deep into endless journey that is yoga. Being a teenager in the stressful world of Singapore, my expectations and intentions of my future were always extreme; to get into the best university and to become a doctor.

I found my comfort and relaxation in yoga

It was tough; the competition that exists in Singapore is extremely intense and so I found my comfort and relaxation in yoga. When I would practice yoga, the entire world around me would go quiet and then, it's just me, my mat and my breath. Quiet. Peaceful. A perfectly engineered moment of truth and silence. Time becomes endless. The silence becomes music. My breath becomes an instrument and everything around disappears.

Yoga bought me freedom

When it comes to human beings, to truly develop a passion or commitment to something, we have to gain something from it. As for me; yoga allowed me to let go. It brought me freedom. I could somehow, magically let go of emotions, stress, pain, fear. And when those emotions are gone, only one remains; happiness.

I took my teacher training as a 14-year-old

After this amazing encounter, only one thing brought me to where I am today; destiny. I like to think that yoga found me, and it liberated me. Soon after, destiny brought me to Vyasa Yoga where I took my teacher training as a 14-year-old. I started teaching and then, yoga became more than just an output for my stress, yoga became my life. It became a part of my identity and my life.

I found yoga to be a form of science

I started teaching in condominiums, my school, the Indian High Commission, as a PE teacher, I even assisted a teacher training. All of this only grew my passion for yoga. Even with this, I never lost of passion for service and science. I found yoga to be a form of science; not only in the way yoga can heal, cure, and prevent various diseases, but in the way yoga helps us see clarity in the most muddled up places. So, I joined yoga therapy and trained in the Bangalore, SVYASA Yoga University. It was amazing.

Our breath is the very moment, it is reality

My personal yoga journey does not end here. I will keep practising yoga and finding happiness in the acceptance of reality. If yoga has taught me something, so far, it is that our breath is what keeps us alive. It gives us energy, keeps our heart beating. It is what sustains life. It is the only truth in this world. We breathe in and out and this is what drives life. Our breath is the very moment, it is reality; and this is why when we concentrate and focus on our breath, we live in this moment, this real moment - not in the made-up future or in our memories. And when we are in this world of this moment, we suddenly notice so much more. So much intricate detail and beauty around us. So much that we didn't notice before. Life just passes right through us, like our breath; we never notice it. And then we just live in illusions of the past and the future and we never experience THIS moment.

Explore the universe that hides inside of you

I always remember to try my best. Things will happen, they are inevitably going to occur. Let them. Accept them. Open your arms and welcome them. And breathe. Just breathe. This moment is one you will never get back so take it. Experience it with all your heart and then smile. Everything happens for a reason and it's always for the best. I hope that one day, you too can decide to take a yoga journey, to explore the universe that hides inside of you. 

See you on the other side.