A Yoga Story for Staying Inspired

Annika Mattson, Yoga Teacher and Designer of PawPawYogaWear, stays curious and inspired on her personal yoga journey.

Forever a yoga student

I'm working as a Yoga Teacher but I do always and forever see myself as a yoga student. I learn something new every day. That's how I see my personal yoga journey - one of constant learning. I sometimes feel that I get the hang of it but then something happens that brings me back to the student state of mind. Yoga keeps me focused and strong.

Life is good

And working from my home office (with my company Pawpawyogawear) with my two dogs as silent 'colleagues' also keeps reminding me that life is good and has to be appreciated. And that an afternoon nap is an important and well-deserved thing in every office. Even if the boss sometimes does not get that right!