A Yoga Story for Pure Passion

Jovander Pacheco’s personal yoga journey began with pure movement and has evolved into a profound experience of spiritual connection to all beings.

I am honoured to speak on this platform and among such great company and good vibes! (I read a couple of yoga stories, lol!) GIVE THANKS!

I was attracted to yoga’s physicality and movement

I took a yoga class back in 2011/2012 as a means of exploration as I was attracted to the physicality and movement. Plus I needed to get back in shape from years of slacking! It was great and different but it was a bit challenging to continue because of distance and finance. This caused a relapse in physicality yet again and of course a lower vibration!

I became so aware of energy around me

Fast track to 2014 after going through some life changes (you know… jobs, relationships, etc..), I was guided in the direction of yoga once again (really can't remember the specifics) and from there I felt a connection within myself ! The way I had to challenge my mental and physical comfort zones but more importantly my belief systems! I became so aware of energy around me and through me! How connected I am to everything and how I'm affected.

Consistency is Key. Passion is Everything!

Not to mention I had recently gotten into meditation so the entire combination was exploding my brain!! As a matter of fact, it was then I realised that yoga was the balance of the both. (Mind and Body) and just what I and many others needed. It was both meditative and physical! Yoga has brought me closer to ME & GOD than I have ever been. And that's from pure meditation and daily practice. Consistency is Key. Passion is Everything! My own growth blows my mind. I recommend yoga to EVERYONE! Since 2015 I have been practising once a day, every day except those rare days we miss...

A whole new world

And this has opened a whole new world to me. A new me even! I am inspired and encouraged by checking out other yogis and awesome indigos on social media as well! I love connecting with like- minded EYE-drens! I GIVE THANKS! Share your yoga story! I love you ALL!