A Yoga Story for Mental Health

Robin Watkins-Davis, Yoga Teacher, shares her personal yoga journey as an example of just how good yoga is for mental health – for our self-esteem and our self- respect.

Yoga enables me to be me

I was not a natural meditator. At first I could barely manage 5 minutes but each time I did it I would notice small changes. As the practice started to become more prominent in my life, more things would change and shift; people at school started to actually like the real me, I didn't have to be someone I wasn't and this was so liberating - it gave me to confidence to keep practicing.

Yoga is my rock

Yoga, as in asana practice, came into my life about 2 years ago. I would practice every morning for an hour with a hatha yoga DVD before school. Now, yoga is the root of my life. Its practices are the foundation for my values and it is my rock, which I come to whenever a challenge presents itself.

Yoga is good for mental health

The benefits of this practice are so profound they helped me mentally and physically feel good, with self-respect, with friendship, with family, with resilience and schoolwork.