A Yoga Story for Letting Go

Emerald Barcelona’s personal yoga journey is a testament to the power of yoga for letting go of negativity and stress.

Yoga helped me find myself

Yoga had changed my life! Before yoga, I was a completely different person. I wasn't myself. I was the person I thought I was supposed to be. I had an "image" I was trying to protect. I had such a busy lifestyle trying to be this and that, here and there, I never had time for myself, just other people, businesses...I had a life of pleasing everyone else. I also held on to everything! Grudges, arguments, past relationships...my mind could've exploded with all the stress and negativity I kept within me!

I am a happy being because of yoga

Thank goodness for yoga, I finally learned how to LET GO! Let go of what isn't me. Stop trying to be this and that. Let go of planning every single thing and trying to be everywhere for everyone at once. Let go of what isn't there anymore. Release what no longer serves me. Be in the present and forget about the past! I never truly knew what "letting go" meant until I started practicing yoga and now I have become so much more relaxed, happy, peaceful, balanced, present...the list goes on! I can deal with so much more now because of meditation and yoga. I found myself through yoga. I am a happy being because of yoga. I love my life now! Namaste ❤