A Yoga Story for Healthy Ageing

Kevin’s personal yoga journey is living proof of the power of yoga for healthy ageing – in particular being good for our mental health.

Yoga is good for my mental health

When I first came out from the hospital after the first of 3 operations, I couldn't even lift my little mug of tea off the ground. You have to have the motivation to get back on your mat. You just need to do a little bit every day. And it's amazing how much of a mental lift yoga can give you, as well as being physically helpful for your rehabilitation. 

Yoga helps me deal with life's ups and downs 

Yoga has brought me so much, but I think mainly it helps me deal with the ups and downs that life throws at us as we get older. Yoga Teacher Dena Kingsberg told me once the only thing we can really control is our attitude and reaction to situations. I don't think I've become any less passionate about things, but my yoga story illustrates how yoga contributes to letting things go, and deciding what's worth it and what isn't.