A Yoga Story for Eating Disorder Recovery

Rose Bird, Yoga Teacher, shares her personal yoga journey – a journey towards self-love and a yoga love story.

Yoga healed me, & helped me grow into a healer

I’d suffered with an eating disorder from the age of 12. There was a time when I was too weak, both physically and mentally to walk more than a few steps. But I could still breathe. And where there was breath, I found yoga. I used yoga to help me heal; I rejected medications and turned to meditation. Suddenly I find myself being a #medicyogi: studying medicine, giving holistic massage AND teaching what I love - YOGA.

Yoga helped me see life as a celebration

Yoga helped me shape and sculpt myself in to a stronger, more satisfied human being. Yoga stopped me using my life as a source of suffering, and let me see it as a source of satisfaction & celebration... of how far I have come, and all that I have yet to discover. Xx