What Do Men Wear To Yoga Class?

Easy beginner's guide on what men wear to yoga class. 

Don’t let Instagram fool you into thinking you have to look like you just walked off the set of a health food commercial to do yoga. Yoga is more about how you feel than how you look, and you definitely don’t need a toned torso to step on a yoga mat. Though you might get one if you keep at it ;)

Although it’s still true that men are in the minority in most yoga classes, the numbers are increasing. In fact, although most yoga classes look like a female takeover, this is a recent thing. Traditionally, when yoga was the preserve of the Brahmin caste, it was taught man to boy, or man to man.

If you really feel strongly about it you could always look for a men only class – yes, they are a thing. A Broga class would be a good shout – though women in search of physical strength have started crashing your class.

Whoever you are the yoga community will always give you a warm welcome so, put your best (bare foot) forwards and head down to your nearest studio.


Packing for yoga class

All modern yoga studios will provide yoga mats, but if you’re going to a church hall, a festival or to someone’s house, that may not be the case. Best to check beforehand. 

Pack yourself a water bottle, a towel and a snack. It’s not a good idea to eat or drink just before a yoga class, or in it, but you may well be thirsty and hungry afterwards. The key with yoga is balance - don't go and chow down on a six course Chinese banquet straight after (and definitely not before) but a cheeky little dumpling won’t hurt. 

You might also want to pack a change of clothes, as you could get a bit hot and sweaty. 


What types of clothing do men wear to yoga classes?

To some extent yoga wear is just like your gym and workout gear - it needs to be comfortable and breathable. 

But… Yoga involves lots more bending and stretching than a typical gym session, so your yoga clothing needs to be really easy to move in. It also needs to work in some unusual shapes - upside down and in side stretches - you won’t be hanging from the ceiling (at least not in your first class!) but you might well be making some V shapes and stretching back and forth, high and low.

Here’s how to stay comfortable on the mat. 

At Ease Bamboo Yoga Tank
Eco Warrior I Yoga Shorts - Grey
Yoga Tank Top Moksha - Volcanic Glass

Which shorts are right for yoga?

Men’s yoga shorts are the best way to stay cool when practicing yoga. The shorter length and minimal fabric will allow you to move around more freely. However, you’re going to be doing a lot of bending, so you are going to want extra support, and most importantly, you’re going to want to avoid any embarrassing over exposure.

The top rated men’s shorts are either tight fitting, to help you stay covered in support and comfort, or have an under layer or lining that’s keeps you protected.


What are the best men’s yoga pants for class?

Yoga pants are pretty similar to jogging bottoms, except that they are more tight fitting, to help them stay put when you’re bending or stretching.

If your yoga pants have a tie waist, make sure the string doesn’t hang too low, or it might trip you up, or dangle and distract you.

You can buy men’s yoga pants with pockets if you want to keep your things handy, but leave your keys beside your mat or in the changing room - very uncomfortable if you need to lie on your front. Don’t get hung up on the difference between yoga leggings and yoga pants – some people say pants are baggy and leggings are tight but there is no commonly understood distinction to distinguish between them.

Whether you opt for yoga leggings, pants or shorts, the key is just to pick what is comfortable for you, and what you prefer to work out in.


What men’s yoga top is right for me?

When it comes to men’s yoga tops, we recommend going for something tight fitting, which will stay true to your body, so you won’t have to worry about showing more than you intended when you’re stretching or bending. However, if you’re not keen on a close-fitting top, baggier options are available, like yoga tank tops or men’s yoga t-shirts. Just remember to tuck it into your yoga pants if you want to avoid it falling into your face when you’re upside down! As with men’s yoga pants, the best men’s yoga t shirts are quick to dry and breathable.


What do yogis wear on their feet?

With yoga, you leave your shoes at the studio door, to signify leaving the outside world behind. You can wear your socks to get from the studio front door to your yoga mat. They can come in handy in final relaxation when you might be lying still for 10 minutes or so – no one wants cold feet. Although yogis traditionally practice barefoot, you could always opt for socks with sole grips to avoid slipping on your mat.


What do men wear for hot yoga?

When it comes to hot yoga, you need to be expecting to sweat. As the name suggests, the studio will be heated and humid, so less is more when it comes to clothes. You could opt for yoga shorts to keep you cool, but make sure that they aren’t too baggy, to avoid over-exposure.

You could wear this with a low-cut tank top, in a thin, fast drying material, which would help you avoid sweat patches and cool off faster. If not, you could just practice topless if you’re comfortable this way.


Where do I buy men’s yoga clothing?

People often ask where to buy men’s yoga pants, tops and clothing, as it isn’t always as readily available as yoga clothes for women.

Men’s yoga clothing is increasingly available at sports outlets, but there are also dedicated men’s yoga clothing websites that will have a wider range if you want to explore your options. YogaClicks has a handpicked range of men’s yoga clothing which receive rave reviews because everything’s made by yogis – the people who know what works on a yoga mat.


A final note

Remember that with yoga, you’re aiming to leave your connection to the outside world at the studio door, along with your shoes. So, come with comfortable clothing and an open mind, and you’ll be just fine.

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