YogaClicks Accredited by Good Shopping Guide 

We are very excited to announce that YogaClicks is the first multi-brand yoga shop to pass the really tough audit carried out by The Ethical Company Organisation. 

We have now successfully attained official Ethical Accreditation and are featured in The Good Shopping Guide. 

This post explains our ethical stance, and how to use our site to shop ethically.

How are we making change happen?  

We empower people to shop ethical, sustainable and affordable products for yoga and wellbeing.  

Why does this matter to us? 

This matters to us because we are yogis, guided by yoga to transform our own lives, and to positively impact the wellbeing of other people, animals and the planet.  

That’s why we only work with makers who place equal value on financial growth, human and animal wellbeing, and environmental sustainability. 

Feel proud of what you buy 

Whether we’re curating ethical yoga clothes, eco yoga mats or vegan candles, at the root of it all is our desire to empower you to feel proud of what you buy.  

Not just because what you’re buying looks and feels great, and is the best quality at the price, but because it’s ethical and sustainable - putting the wellbeing of people, animals and the planet first. 

Fifteen ethical criteria 

Working with their vast research database of 30,000 plus companies, court reports and all the major NGO’s data, the Ethical Company Organisation measures 15 different ethical criteria - from human rights to animal welfare and environmental impact.  

Top performing company - independent scoring system 

The Ethical Company Index is designed to cut through company green wash to provide an independent score for each company and brand. 

And we’re one of the top performing companies!!  

Good Shopping Guide – the ethical shopping bible  

This performance also means that we’re listed in The Good Shopping Guide, the ethical shopping bible, along with great ethical brands like Lily’s Kitchen and Neal’s Yard. We are very proud to be in the company of such iconic brands, which are setting the highest ethical standards for the UK and beyond. 

Tough decisions  

I can’t tell you how delighted we are with this news – it’s all sunny smiles in the office – in February! We’ve worked long and hard to meet our vision of being an ethical company, making some hard choices along the way about the people we can and can’t work with. This award feels like a real recognition of all that we have achieved and a validation of where we are heading.

Sharing our ethical audit  

In the interests of transparency we’ve decided to share the ethical guidelines we use to determine makers’ eligibility.  

Look for the icons on each product page as an instant guide to each maker’s operating principles. It’s not a perfect world, and what we want to achieve is not always possible, but if you see the icon displayed you can rest assured that the maker is committed to conducting a sustainable business according to this principle. 

Growing. Making. Packing. Transporting.  

Dignified working conditions. Freedom of self-expression. No child labour. 

Lifting people and communities out of poverty. 

Honouring the artisan. Handmade.  

Inclusivity and equality. For all. 

Creating for longevity. Not landfill. 

No hiding. Supply chain accountability. 

Charitable donations. Working for a cause. 

No animal suffering. Ever.  

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Lucy Edge 

is a yoga advocate and writer with three yoga books to her name, including the beloved travel memoir Yoga School Dropout. She writes regularly for the national press, has authored over 150 guides to types of yoga and yoga poses, discovered nearly 250 proven health benefits of yoga through her painstaking classification of 300 clinical studies, and collected more than 500 personal testimonials to the real life benefits of yoga. She is also the creator of our yoga shop – YogaClicks.Store – handpicking yoga brands that are beautifully made by yogis committed to environmental and social sustainability.