Interview with Sabine Boone, 

Yoga Teacher, Raw & Vegan Workshops, Brussels

Lucy Edge met Brussels based yoga teacher Sabine Boone on a yoga retreat in Greece and immediately bonded over their shared love of yoga and raw chocolate. Read on to discover Sabine's yoga secrets including her yoga teacher crush, and her recipe for Sweet Smooth Raw Cacao Balls 😊

Q: What motivated you to become a yoga teacher?

A: I never set out to become a yoga teacher. It came naturally and gradually. When you dive deep into this ancient practice, the beauty of its innate wisdom is absorbed by your system and you discover parts of yourself that you never knew you had. With time your self confidence develops and then you feel like sharing what you discovered over the past 10 years. It is as if all the little pieces of yourself coincide into one big whole and then you feel ready to show up for others.

Q: Who is your most important yoga teacher, and why?

A: The two most important yoga teachers in my life are Vivi Letsou from Abhaya Yoga in Athens and Dace Osleja from Mandala of Life in Brussels. They are very different teachers. Vivi is known for her strong alignment, yoga therapy, dynamic vinyasa, Pilates, zen meditations and fearless actions, and Abhaya Yoga points to the liberating path of self-discovery and fearless action in life. 

Dace is my Yin Teacher and she is a rich source of information for this beautiful practice. She studied with Paul and Suzee Grilley, the initiators of Yin Yoga, and she has a profound knowledge of anatomy and energetic systems. She teaches with great lightness and a lot of humour. 

What they have in common is their ability to ray out their light and wisdom unconditionally with so much care and love, that you feel reset in every layer of your system. They are truly Yoga Masters. 

Q: If I could grant you three wishes for your career as a yoga teacher what would they be? 

A: The resources to build up a yoga studio equipped with a big kitchen to offer many workshops of yoga and nutrition. For me, the one doesn’t go without the other. Yoga & healthy (vegan) food are the pillars of my offering, which I have called Twists & Beans. 

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

A: Twists & Beans organizes monthly events in Brussels – they are “Yoga & Vegan Potlucks”. These events are a big success every time. Yoga connects while the vegan treats nourish the body after the yoga, and bring the group together. Each participant brings something delicious (vegan and homemade if possible) to eat and to share with the others. A heavenly delicious vegan gourmet table is created while Twists & Beans provides all the raw vegan and baked desserts. Plant based food isn’t boring at all, the possibilities are limitless, and it is easy to prepare. After the summer, I will be organising various workshops on vegan nutrition. Our specialty is the combination of “Yoga & Raw Cacao”, a collaboration between Twists & Beans and my dearest friend and chocolate guru Babs of Raw Spoon (, based in Spain. Yoga and Raw Chocolate are the magical pillars of these events and retreats (Portugal). We invite people to open their heart and to experience the blissful union of yoga and raw cacao. A journey where the body, mind and heart are united in a powerful and tasteful experience. After a heart-oriented yoga practice, the workshop reveals how you can make your own healthy snacks with raw chocolate and natural sweeteners, all healthy, vegan, gluten and guilt free. Our workshops are not only designed to learn about the process and preparation of chocolate but also to inspire you to build a healthy lifestyle. Become conscious about what you eat as this is a big step towards a balanced body, mind and soul.

Q: Name 3 things that are always in your yoga bag.

A: Tingsha (for my teachings), an anti-slip towel for when I go to Hot Yoga classes, my Om-necklace for blessings. 

Heaven and Earth Mala Necklace

Q: What is your must-have yoga accessory?

A: My yoga wheel, without any doubt! It stretches the entire front side body deeply and helps me recover from my shoulder injury. This accessory is a must for me to practice opening postures like backbends. 

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Q: Do you have any pre-class rituals? 

A: Yes, I always start with a settling in – with Sukhasana combined with an expressed intention – to give purpose to the practice. After a workday I guide my students into their body and out of their mind. As yoga is an internal practice, I invite them to check into their body, to observe their breath and to cultivate an open attitude for the practice to come.  Whatever comes up, let it in, and let it out.

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Q: What’s your favourite asana?

A: I love forward bends because they are soothing and calming. Paschimottanasana is a pose I always practice, whether I feel energized or tired.  

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Q: What’s your nemesis pose?

A: Wheel pose – Urdhva Dhanurasana. It is an almighty backbend and for me a tough one. Having very stiff shoulders it is a struggle. But yoga cultivates determination. When the opportunity arises to go into the pose, I go for it. My teacher Vivi Letsou gave me practical tools that enable me to explore the pose in a way that suits my body and it works! 

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Q: What advice would you give someone who is not sure yoga is for them? 

A: Try it and see what it does to you. There is no perfect pose and each body is different. Practice without expectation and with an open attitude. We practice yoga because we are stiff, not the other way around. Yoga gives us opportunity to explore our body, to find our weak spots, and to make them stronger. There is always benefit with yoga, as long you practice mindfully and listen carefully to your body. 

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Q: What is your favourite thing about YogaClicks?

A: I love YogaClicks because of the planet friendly items they sell with much care and love. The items are made by yogis and I love the yoga mala bracelets, they are so beautiful!

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Q: You find a lottery ticket for £10 million. What do you do with it?

A: I would start a yoga studio with a fully equipped kitchen offering various workshops about different styles of yoga and nutrition. Offering classes with many different teachers as well. I would also buy a beautiful retreat house in the south of Europe to offer retreats but also to have quality time for my whole family. We could spend our holidays together 😊. I would support good causes as well. 

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Q: What do you dream about?

A: My dream is to empower people with eating disorders by offering specially designed yoga programs combined with nutritional programs. Coming from there, yoga has helped me see myself in another way; not to be so hard on myself and to encourage self-acceptance, self-love and peace. Yoga helps me to experience the body in a different way. Rather than focusing on the external appearance, yoga helps us to experience our bodies internally, mindfully, and non-judgmentally.  

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Q: What songs do you sing when you’re in the car alone? 

A: I love to sing mantra’s in the car; they give spiritual force in every situation and difficulty and they are real energy boosters. In a way they are calming, and in another way they open the energy gates to joy. 

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Q: What is your favourite food? 

A: I don’t have a particular favourite dish, but I love all the veggies and herbs that Mother Earth provides for us. There are many ways to eat healthy and vegan. I follow what the seasons are offering. What you eat during winter is different to what you eat in summer. I am a flexanist and I follow a mainly vegan diet but in a flexible way. I eat eggs and occasionally sea food. But as a true Belgian girl, I’ll eat my French fries with mayonnaise once a week, OMG 😊!! When I was a child I never liked desserts because they were too heavy, and I didn’t like the creams in it. Today I know how to make healthy vegan desserts with natural ingredients and sweeteners, unprocessed and guilt-free like Sweet Smooth Raw Cacao Balls 😊. This is a Raw Spoon recipe. 

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Q: Who is your celebrity crush?

A: Sianna Sherman of Rasa Yoga, she is a true inspiration with her heart-centered teachings, she masters deep knowledge about many ancient traditions and honours spirit in its many forms. I love this empowered Goddess of yoga. Corina Benner of Wake Up Yoga is also a very inspiring international teacher. She brings positive vibrations and empowers students to explore the landscape of their body, heart and soul. 

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Lucy Edge 

is a yoga advocate and writer with three yoga books to her name, including the beloved travel memoir Yoga School Dropout. She writes regularly for the national press, has authored over 150 guides to types of yoga and yoga poses, discovered nearly 250 proven health benefits of yoga through her painstaking classification of 300 clinical studies, and collected more than 500 personal testimonials to the real life benefits of yoga. She is also the creator of our yoga shop – YogaClicks.Store – handpicking yoga brands that are beautifully made by yogis committed to environmental and social sustainability.


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