What is Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga? 

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga has grown rapidly in popularity over the past decade. As it's performed on a paddleboard, it requires awareness of weight transfer and balance, which builds stability, flexibility, and core strength. The Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga teaching focus is also on alignment and the dristi/focal point. (Teachers use the horizon a lot as this helps balance, gazing up is harder!) 

Although generally practiced on gentle waters - a calm sea, a lake, in a swimming pool, for a greater challenge, this type of yoga can be practiced on choppier waters, and for a more stable introduction, a sandy beach will do just fine. The bigger the board the more stable it is, ideally at least 10 feet long and 30 inches wide. As this activity involves a lot of falling in, particularly for beginners, it is strongly advised to only be performed by confident swimmers. 

Most poses can be done on a Stand Up Paddle Board but as the board is moving there is more risk, especially in poses like headstand, so these options are reserved for very experienced students. Meanwhile nobody feels like they are missing out, as there is loads of fun to be had in the simpler poses. 

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Watch a Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga intro 

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