What is Nidra Yoga? 



Nidra Yoga is suitable for all fitness levels as it is largely meditative. It focuses on inward-reflection and emotional restoration, all through deep relaxation. 







Nidra Yoga is sometimes described as 'yogic sleep.' Practitioners of this type of yoga describe it as beyond the 'dreaming state' normally experienced during sleep. In the Nidra state, you are simultaneously awake, and in a state of deep, undreaming relaxation. Besides relaxation, Nidra Yoga is often used to promote healing, as well as spiritual insight and exploration. 

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Who was Nidra Yoga founded by? 

Yoga Nidra is a traditional form of yoga, from ancient Indian traditions in Hinduism and Buddhism. Lord Krishna is often associated with Yoga Nidra in the ancient Sanskrit narrative ‘Mahabharata’.  

When was Nidra Yoga founded? 

As Yoga Nidra is a traditional form of yoga, it has been practiced for millennia, however its precise origins are unknown. 




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