What is Meditation? 

Meditation is an ancient tradition – it has been practiced since around 1500 BCE, although some say that it was practiced before this, as archaeologists discovered evidence of meditation in wall art from the Indus Valley, which dated from approximately 5,000 BCE. When we practice Meditation, we become a part of a long history of self-discovery and enlightenment.

While yoga poses quiet the body, meditation quiets the mind. In Meditation, both mind and body are quiet and the practitioner can see themselves clearly, discovering their true nature, and ultimately, perhaps, experiencing existence as pure and boundless bliss. There are many different forms of meditation - from the secular to the religious. Each type offers a different method - from the repetition of mantras, to the use of prayer beads. 

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Breath-synchronised movement 


Emotionally restorative yoga 

Energy flow 

Hand gestures 






Whole-life approach 

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Who was Meditation Yoga founded by? 

Meditation Yoga is a traditional practice which dates back thousands of years. It is a part of both the Buddhist and Hindu religion, featuring in their ancient texts. 

When was Meditation Yoga founded? 

Some of the earliest written records of Meditation Yoga come from the Hindu traditions, around 1500 BCE, in The Vedas – texts outlining the history of the practice of yoga.

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