What is Japa Yoga? 





‘Japa’ literally means “muttering” in Sanskrit. This “muttering” refers to the reciting of mantras, which have been an important aspect of yoga practice since Vedic times. 


Japa Yoga practitioners repeat a mantra (a sound or word or group of words) to calm the mind, and as a path to transformation. Om is the seed mantra - described in the Upanishads (an ancient Hindu text) as the essence of Brahman – the state of the highest reality, in which we exist only as awareness, at peace with ourselves, with all beings, and with the universe, in eternal bliss. In this type of yoga practitioners usually hold a mala - a string of 108 beads - in the right hand, repeating the mantra once for each bead. 

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Who was Japa Yoga founded by? 

Japa Yoga is a traditional type of yoga, so its precise origins are unknown. 

When was Japa Yoga founded? 

Japa Yoga was founded millennia ago in India.

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