What is Critical Alignment Yoga? 




Founded by Gert van Leeuwen in the 1980s, Critical Alignment (previously known as Bharata) relieves stress on the body and in the mind through precise alignment. This type of yoga focuses on differentiating between the postural muscles and the deep movement muscles, situated closer to the bones, to create freedom and mobility in the spine. A specially designed headstand bench helps students achieve this.   










The primary goal of Critical Alignment Yoga is restoration. By restoring mobility, balance and spaciousness to the body, the mind itself is also rejuvenated, which can help to introduce a more meditative consciousness into daily life. 

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Who was Critical Alignment Yoga founded by? 

Critical Alignment Yoga was founded by Gert van Leeuwen. 

When was Critical Alignment Yoga founded? 

Critical Alignment Yoga was founded in the 1980s. 







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