What is Bhakti Yoga?


The Sanskrit word “bhakti” is derived from the root word bhaj, which means "devotion to, attachment to, faith or love”. Bhakti Yoga is the type of yoga that aims to develop this attachment, restoring a connection between your mind, body and spirit, as well as with the Divine.  


Bhakti is the yoga of love and devotion. There are, according to the Bhagavata Purana, nine forms of Bhakti; listening to scripture, praising (normally through song), focusing the mind on Vishnu, service, worship, paying homage, servitude, friendship, and surrender of the Self. The best-known modern-day exponent of Bhakti Yoga is Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, otherwise known as Amma, AKA the Hugging Mother. She has dedicated her life to serving the poor, the sick and the distressed, and hugs thousands of seekers a day. 


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Who was Bhakti Yoga founded by? 

Bhakti Yoga is a traditional form of yoga, so whilst its precise origins are unknown, we do know that it has been practiced and passed down from teacher to student for millennia.  

When was Bhakti Yoga founded? 

Bhakti Yoga was founded in the 10th century. 



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