Yoga Gift Ideas: 10 Great Vegan Gifts for Yoga Lovers 

Finding vegan yoga gifts can be tricky. From chocolates to candles and clothing, it’s amazing just how many everyday items are made with animal products. Luckily for you, our yoga shop has all of the yoga gifts you need to find the perfect present for your favourite herbivore.  

You can browse our full  Yoga Gifts for Vegans collection here.

From forest to fragrance, the essence of this perfume oil is harvested from trees that have died naturally and a new tree planted in its place. It is laid down for ten years to develop its medicinal, aromatic and healing properties, and belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh. 

If you’re shopping for someone who’s vegan, whether for ethical or environmental concerns, and you don't have time to read all those labels, you can relax  - we’ve done the research for you. Don’t settle for products that are ‘accidentally vegan.’ Get the real deal. Our list of vegan gifts for yoga lovers are free from animal products, cruelty-free, and—as always— mindfully made by yogis who always put the needs of our beautiful planet first.

Vegan Gifts for Yoga Lovers 

Personal care products like body oils and body scrubs are popular Christmas and birthday gifts, but formulations that use lanolin or beeswax can be a source of disappointment for vegans. Don’t worry—we’ve chosen the very best body oil and body scrubs from maker Nathalie Bond for their incredible scents, organic ingredients, and vegan formulations. All of their products are also handmade in small batches using ethically sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging. Now that’s what we call being kind to the earth!

With all the buzz around bees, these days, vegan candles and atmosphere mists derived from plants and pure essential oils make great alternatives to traditional beeswax candles. These heavenly—okay, citrus-scented soy candles from Nathalie Bond and Made by Coopers will lift any herbivore's spirits. And they can relax knowing that no animals were involved in the making of this Atmosphere Mist—aptly named ‘Calm.’

As far as we know, no incense sticks or incense holders have animal products in them, but we checked anyway and these ones are definitely vegan. In addition to these spiritual, cleansing, and uplifting natural incense sticks, we recommend this Handmade Incense Bowl and Holder. We love the Christmasy feel of these Luxury Incense Sticks and Point Lobos Natural Incense. Combined with an incense holder, they make a great, natural and winter-inspired gift that your vegan friend or loved one will love. 


You can browse our full  Yoga Gifts for Vegans collection here.

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Lucy Edge 

is a yoga advocate and writer with three yoga books to her name, including the beloved travel memoir Yoga School Dropout. She writes regularly for the national press, has authored over 150 guides to types of yoga and yoga poses, discovered nearly 250 proven health benefits of yoga through her painstaking classification of 300 clinical studies, and collected more than 500 personal testimonials to the real life benefits of yoga. She is also the creator of our yoga shop – YogaClicks.Store – handpicking yoga brands that are beautifully made by yogis committed to environmental and social sustainability.