Yoga Gifts for Beginners: Ten Must Have Yoga Gift Ideas

Shopping for gifts for yoga lovers can be tough, but finding the right yoga gift for a newbie who’s still figuring out their yoga style is even trickier! Which is why we’ve curated a list of yoga gift ideas for beginners. Whether they’ve just begun attending classes, are thinking about taking the first step of their yoga journey at home, or are coming back to yoga after a break, yoga equipment and yoga clothes make great gifts. 

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Our yoga shop is full of the very best sustainable fashion choices and high-quality, eco-friendly yoga equipment, all beautifully made by yogis. In our yoga gift guide, we’ve narrowed it down to our very favourite yoga gift ideas for beginners, to inspire them to get on their mat – and stay on their mat! 


Yoga Gifts for Beginners  

If you have a friend who’s just beginning their yoga journey, an eco-yoga mat is a great place to start! And for someone special who’s already worn out their first mat or bought one that isn’t working for them, a cork yoga mat is a neat (and hygienic) upgrade.  

But what if they’ve already found their perfect yoga mat? We recommend this Palo Santo atmosphere mist to bring a healing element to their space, with a beautiful blend of earth and wood scents.

Sometimes a yoga beginner just needs the right prop to make their practice work. Yoga blocks and bricks are great for modifying asanas to make them more achievable, and to deepen stretches. For anyone who’s just discovered restorative yoga, a yoga bolster is a home yoga studio essential. 

And for those who struggle to still their mind in Shavasana, a yoga eye pillow can help to calm a busy brain—or at least take away the temptation to look around. And let’s be honest, we all know an advanced yogi who would benefit from receiving this gift as well. Whichever yoga accessories you choose, your loved one is sure to be grateful for the extra support.

If you’re anything like us, you know that you can never have too many yoga clothes or too many books. And if your friends and family are anything like us, then they’d definitely love to receive them as a gift this Christmas or on their next birthday. 

Yoga memoirs make an ideal present for the new yogi who likes to read on their commute, or on the plane to their yoga retreat.  

An ethically produced yoga tank top made from super-soft organic materials is a gift that looks just as good as it feels. 

A yoga sweatshirt makes for a great seasonal gift—for chilly weather and that giving spirit. And - bonus point - for every Savasana Sweater you gift to a friend or loved one, you’re giving back to a charity that works to help children in India break the cycle of poverty. Socially sustainable and chic—you’ll warm hearts with this gift.

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Lucy Edge 

is a yoga advocate and writer with three yoga books to her name, including the beloved travel memoir Yoga School Dropout. She writes regularly for the national press, has authored over 150 guides to types of yoga and yoga poses, discovered nearly 250 proven health benefits of yoga through her painstaking classification of 300 clinical studies, and collected more than 500 personal testimonials to the real life benefits of yoga. She is also the creator of our yoga shop – YogaClicks.Store – handpicking yoga brands that are beautifully made by yogis committed to environmental and social sustainability.