10 of the Best Spiritual Jewellery Gifts for Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation

This curated list of ten spiritual jewellery gifts for every budget including gift wrapped Mala Bracelet and Candle Gift Sets and Chakra Bracelet Gift Boxes. We offer optional gift wrapping on individual spiritual jewellery gifts including mala necklaces and bracelets, Free Spirit and Eternal Bliss spiritual jewellery, and Silatha yoga and meditation jewellery. Rest assured – this is thoughtful eco-friendly spiritual jewellery, all made by yoga-loving yogis who put sustainability at the heart of what they do!

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1) Mala Bracelet and Candle Gift Set


This 7 Chakra Mala Bracelet and Candle Gift Set makes the perfect relaxation gift set. Your choice of scented candle (Flowers, Lavender, Lime and Basil or Sandalwood & Mandarin) pared with a beautiful handmade chakra bracelet with 7 gemstones which correspond to each of the 7 chakras. Each gemstone is traditionally believed to work in different ways to promote chakra healing and the harmonious flow of energy through your chakras.

2) Chakra Bracelet Stack Gift Set


Chakra Bracelet Stack makes the perfect chakra gift to help align chakras and provide focus on a specific intention. Buying the stack saves you £35 on buying the three mala bracelets separately. Each handmade chakra bracelet stack comprises three mala bracelets. The Healing Intentions Gemstone and Sandalwood 7 Chakra Bracelet with Lotus Charm, a pure gemstone bracelet and a sandalwood and gemstone bracelet – with the gemstone of your choice. Ideal as a mindfulness gift. 

3) Moon Child Necklace


"If you ask her, she was always full. To others it was just a phase." 

 This recycled sterling silver spiritual jewellery piece is hand crafted by local silversmiths in Bali, using great care with traditional tools and methods. The crescent moon represents femininity, new beginnings, growth & creativity, and is made of reclaimed bone, while the recycled sterling silver is set with an iridescent moonstone, linked to the crown chakra to inspire intuition and channelling hope, sensitivity, and abundance. 

4) Black Onyx Gemstone Necklace 


The Grounds of Freedom Dorje is set with the alluring Black Onyx gemstone, a stone of elegant beauty. Her deep enigmatic colour takes us to the heart of mystery. This spiritual jewellery is designed for you with love and is handcrafted with the greatest attention and care for details to preserve the sacred symbolism of the Dorje. Comes with a free 21 day meditation app to create emotional stability and letting go. 

5) OM Square Pendant


The square Om pendant, for a spiritual necklace, connects you to the spiritual universe. Om or Aum is the universal mantra that contains everything. Representing the primordial sound, the creation, the essence of the Veda. Om exists as an eternal, universal vibration and is the node between the absolute and the relative world. Your loved one can wear the handmade Om pendant for meditation and in their yoga practice. Om is the best-known of all mantras. Reciting a mantra causes it to resonate in our bodies, minds, and souls, expanding our consciousness and manifesting spiritual power.

6) Garnet Root Chakra Pendant With Lotus Petals


This Root Chakra Pendant, for a chakra necklace, offsets a luminous ruby coloured garnet chakra gemstone with two lotus petals that symbolise the energy channels or Nadis. The root chakra (also known as the base chakra) is located at the base of the spine. It opens downward so that its energy binds us to the earth. The root chakra resonates to the colour red. It governs our primal trust and sense of security. This chakra connects us to the physical world and is associated with the element earth. 

7) Inner Power & Trust - Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Bracelet


This spiritual bracelet is set with the striking Lapis Lazuli gemstone, a stone of royal blue beauty. It is the stone of truth. A representation of the wisdom, power and love that activates the higher mind, inspiring a desire for knowledge and understanding. Comes with a free 21 day meditation app to nurture inner power and trust. 

8) Heart Chakra Green Aventurine, Green Jade & Taxus Wood Mala


This is a Heart Chakra Mala Necklace for love, acceptance, and forgiveness. This 108 bead Green Aventurine Green Jade & Taxus Wood Mala is threaded onto silk and hand knotted between each bead with Swarovski crystal detailing and finished with a handmade Japanese silk thread tassel. Taxus Wood from the Chinese Yew tree - an ancient tree with a very long lifespan believed to protect against negative energy and connect to one’s ancestors.

9) Seven Leaf Lotus Pendant


The Seven Leaf Lotus pendant for a spiritual necklace is a harmonious arrangement of seven finely curved lotus leaves symbolising the purity and power of this sacred plant. From a Buddhist perspective, the lotus symbolises the purity of mind, body and language that rises above desires. In Hinduism, the unfolding of the flower has the meaning of a soul that opens to the divine truth. The intention is for the wearer to feel at one with themselves - pure, perfect, and divine.

10 ) Crown Chakra Gemstone Mala


This is a Crown Chakra Mala Necklace for wisdom, connection, and awareness. Handmade by yoga teacher Vee, each necklace comprises 108 amethyst & purple jade gemstone beads threaded onto silk and hand knotted between each bead with Swarovski crystal detailing. She finishes each mala with a handmade Japanese silk thread tassel.