Ten Best Eco-Friendly Gift Sets for Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

We’ve curated ten of the best eco-friendly gift sets for your loved ones. All of them are sustainably made by yogis and beautifully packaged for you.  

 Our eco gift sets include Relaxation Gift Sets, Ritual Gift Sets for intention setting, Namaste Gifts and Lavender Gifts. They make perfect gifts for yoga lovers, meditation, and mindfulness lovers, and for enlightened employers to give as corporate gift boxes - the best corporate Christmas gifts ever... tell your boss! 

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1) Rituals Gift Set 


Creating a daily ritual is anchoring and relaxing and our Rituals Gift Set makes the perfect mindfulness gift set for a loved one who needs some time to remember the beauty of the present moment. Brew a cup of flowering tea and watch while the flower bulb unfurls and blossoms to create a beautiful flower, light the Laura Thomas Flowers candle scented with English rose, neroli and lemon essential oils, pick an intention card and capture hopes and dreams with the 2022 Eco Planner and Pen. This gift set is presented in a gift box with the option of a personalised note. 

2) Recycled Yoga Mat Gift Set


This Recycled Yoga Mat Gift Set makes the perfect yoga gift – offering the yogi in your life a high-quality eco-friendly yoga mat that is made in Germany in a zero-waste, zero-emissions process, along with an Eco Cork Yoga Brick and Deluxe Cotton Yoga Strap.

3) Meditation Gift Set


This Meditation Gift Set includes a handmade linen and buckwheat meditation cushion and a Laura Thomas sandalwood and mandarin essential oils candle to provide atmosphere and focus. The meditation cushion comes in a choice of heritage colours: slate blue, damson red, grey, charcoal, natural. The candle comes in a glass jar printed with the word Love. The perfect mindfulness gift or meditation gift for a meditation lover. 

4) Savasana Relaxation Gift Set


The Savasana Relaxation Gift Set is the perfect gift for a yoga lover and is designed to help enrich precious relaxation time. It includes an organic cotton blanket, lavender eye pillow in a colour of your choice and matching mini neck pillow, presented in a gift box with the option of a personalised note. 

5) Carry Strap and Yoga Mat Gift Set

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This is the perfect gift for a yogi on the move – making it easy to carry their mat from home to work to the yoga studio – whether they are cycling, walking, or getting a bus, they can sling it over their shoulder and keep their hands free. We’ve made their life even easier by selecting the Recycled Yoga Mat for this gift set – it’s one of the lightest yoga mats we do – making it the perfect travel mat. 

6) Lavender Eye Pillow and Mala Bracelet


This Lavender Eye Pillow and Mala Bracelet Gift Box makes the perfect mindfulness and meditation gift. Choose the intention of your mindfulness gift set from “I am Peace” - a Crown Chakra Bracelet and Peace Embroidered Eye Pillow to “I am Love” – a Heart Chakra Mala Bracelet pared with a Love Embroidered Eye Pillow. Choose your bracelet size and whether you want gold or silver trimmings. The bracelets and the eye pillows are handmade in Norfolk, with love. 

7) Mala Bracelet and Candle Gift Set


This 7 Chakra Mala Bracelet and Soy Candle Gift Set makes the perfect relaxation gift set. Your choice of scented candle (Flowers, Lavender, Lime and Basil or Sandalwood & Mandarin) pared with a beautiful handmade chakra bracelet with 7 gemstones which correspond to each of the 7 chakras. Each gemstone is traditionally believed to work in different ways to promote chakra healing and the harmonious flow of energy through your chakras.

8) Lavender Eye Pillow and Candle Gift Set


This Lavender Eye Pillow and Candle Gift Set includes a soy candle scented with pure French lavender essential oil, presented in a glass jar printed with the word Love and a beautiful handmade Norfolk lavender eye pillow. Choose from Love, Breathe, Peace, Namaste, or Gratitude in a range of heritage colours - from slate blue to dusty pink and anthracite. The ideal lavender gift for meditation and mindfulness.

9) Lavender Gift Set


The Lavender Gift Set makes the perfect gift for relaxing. This eco gift set includes Laura Thomas Lavender Bath Salts to sprinkle in the bath or use in a bowl with warm water to soak your feet after a long day, and a Lavender Eye Pillow which can be warmed to melt away all tension. This eco pamper kit is gift wrapped with the option of a personalised note. Choice of eye pillow colours: pink, brown, grey, natural, red, blue or black.

10 ) Namaste Gift Set


Yogis love nothing more than saying “Namaste” to each other at the end of class as a mark of respect to their teacher and fellow humans. This yoga t-shirt and yoga sweatshirt gift set says it all, very simply … “Namaste.” You can mix and match their favourite colours – a denim blue yoga t-shirt goes great with the pink sweatshirt, and the white yoga t-shirt goes well with, well, pretty much everything! This is yoga inspired clothing at its best; a sustainable sweatshirt and t-shirt made from super soft organic cotton and recycled polyester.