Namaste Gifts 

Searching for yoga gifts for the yoga lovers in your life? Nothing says "yoga present" like a Namaste gift. Choose from our Namaste hoodie, Namaste eye pillow and Namaste tops. 

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Embroidered with Namaste in flowing script, the Namaste eye pillow is the softest of embroidered lavender eye pillows. It comes in a distinctive palette of nature-inspired Norfolk colours, and is filled with organic wheat and Norfolk lavender to soothe the most furrowed brow.

This men’s mala bracelet is a 4 bracelet stack including Lapis Lazuli for wisdom, truth, honour, and harmony. Sandalwood for calming clarity, soothing, peaceful, grounding, and enhancing meditation. Tiger Ebony Wood for grounding, intuition, knowledge, power, strength, and protection.

This artisan crafted Dome incense stick holder comes in Black Zinc or Brushed Gold. Perfect on its own - as it comes in a little black velvet travel pouch - or with a nice bowl to catch the ash.

Chill out in our toasty warm, super-comfy Namaste yoga hoodie. Printed with Namaste using environmentally friendly ink. This Namaste top is made from super soft organic cotton in a renewable energy powered factory.

The Namaste men's yoga t shirt is made of supersoft organic cotton and  bamboo. The vintage wash makes this tee super soft to wear on the mat, workout in, wear to the beach, or just lounge around in! Please note - also looks great as a boyfriend fit yoga t shirt!

The Om yoga tank has a modern OM print with a bronze shimmer inspired by brush strokes. The top is made from soft organic cotton with just the right amount of stretch. 

The Om Mini Pendant is thought to connect the wearer to the spiritual universe because Om or Aum is the universal mantra that contains everything. Wear the handmade Om pendant for meditation and a yoga practice. 

The Namaste typographic yoga print is a beautiful piece of yoga art to inspire you every day. Give you and your loved ones a daily reminder of yoga’s teachings.

This Namaste yoga top in organic cotton and bamboo features a beautiful 'Namaste' print in white on black. This yoga slogan top is flattering for all shapes and sizes and is very versatile. Your loved one can wear this yoga vest with their favourite yoga pants or yoga leggings for a studio ready outfit, or wear with a pair of jeans or shorts for a casual, everyday look. In colder weather they can get some extra wear out of itby wearing it under a shirt, or over a light weight long sleeve t shirt.

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Lucy Edge 

is a yoga advocate and writer with three yoga books to her name, including the beloved travel memoir Yoga School Dropout. She writes regularly for the national press, has authored over 150 guides to types of yoga and yoga poses, discovered nearly 250 proven health benefits of yoga through her painstaking classification of 300 clinical studies, and collected more than 500 personal testimonials to the real life benefits of yoga. She is also the creator of our yoga shop – YogaClicks.Store – handpicking yoga brands that are beautifully made by yogis committed to environmental and social sustainability.