The Benefits of a Yoga Retreat 

Stepping Back to Advance. Escape for a While, Find Peace and Reconnect to Your Best Self.

One of my all time favourite novels is Elizabeth Von Arnim’s - The Enchanted April. It's a tale of two genteel women who both stumble across an advert to rent a Castle in Italy for the month of April. Strangers to each other, they are brought together in their desire to escape their daily London lives for a taste of adventure. They take the plunge and step outside their comfort zones. 

Tasting new flavours, meeting new people, rediscovering past passions, dreaming new dreams, and getting a fresh perspective - both are transformed by the experience. The changes they instigate impact on their nearest and dearest, inviting to them to take a fresh look at life. It all ends happily - a real feel good read.

This is the story of all good yoga retreats. A yoga retreat is not an indulgence - it is an opportunity to step back, to re-evaluate, get refreshed, learn and get refocused on what inspires you. It’s so much more than a holiday. 


What makes a yoga retreat special?

 • Beautiful surroundings, spacious and organised to please and stimulate the senses. Where everything is taken care of for you and you can just BE.

• Time spent outside in nature tuning into scents, sounds, textures and tastes. Observing the natural world opens up our sense of wonder; our innocence brings a sense of perspective. 

• Great nourishing, delicious food, mostly vegetarian. You'll feel lighter, more energetic, less moody and rediscover your appetite for both food and life. 

• Good company and conversation. There is a certain openness when people get together in a yoga retreat setting. Sharing the yoga experience, breathing together, respecting each others space, accepting differences and recognising similarities. The more engaged we become with ourselves, the more curious we become about our environment and fellow travellers.  

• With immersion in yoga practice - two classes a day for a week - your yoga practice will deepen. Your awareness and understanding of the mind/body connection will expand. Your body, mind and heart will open.

• Rest. Time out doing one thing at a time, no problems to solve, just a place to be, the most challenging choices are whether to choose time at the pool or time in the hammock. Balanced mindful exercise and good nutrition create the conditions for the best night's sleep.


Perhaps this is the year to give this gift of yoga to yourself. 

Come and join me, Julie Bickerton, on a yoga retreat in Italy. InSabina is an elegant and charming yoga retreat centre nestled in the heart of the Sabine Hills, less than an hour north of Rome, near Umbria. You will find all the ingredients listed above; it's an Italian yoga haven - for spiritual practice, relaxation and rejuvenation. 

It's the place to BE 8th-15th June 2019. Booking details on 

What’s holding you back?
 If not now when? 

And do read the book - if you don't travel to Italy this year, perhaps it will inspire you for next year.

By Julie Bickerton, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Retreat Owner

Images courtesy of InSabina and Margherita Del Pra

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