7 Benefits Of Yoga For Daily Life That Will Get You On A Yoga Mat

Why start practicing today? Because you will reap the benefits of yoga in all aspects of your daily life. Here are 7 ways yoga is good for you! 

1. Yoga for Flexibility

One of the main benefits of yoga is the increase in flexibility. If you're new to yoga, you may feel as though you aren’t flexible enough to do the complex poses, the great thing about yoga is that anyone can start. The simple poses will help your body become more flexible over time as you gain the strength and flexibility to learn the more complicated poses.

Regularly practicing improves your flexibility as you progress from pose to pose. As you practice consistently, your body develops muscle memory that will make it easier to move into each new pose that you've learned.

2. Yoga for Strength

Yoga isn’t all about calming your mind while doing various poses. Practicing yoga also allows you to build muscle in the same way that going to the gym does. Essentially, yoga poses act as body weight-exercises. Yoga naturally engages your muscle-building processes, allowing your body to build muscle from the metabolic stress and progressive overload experienced through your pose progressions.

As intensity and flow structure varies, you’ll start targeting more muscles in your body with each exercise. The key to building more muscle with yoga is to have balanced workouts as you increase your muscle mass along with flexibility without this muscle-building taking a toll on your tissues or joints.

3. Yoga for Balance

In addition to improving flexibility, yoga is popular for boosting one’s balance. Yoga is essentially all about finding harmony within the spirit, mind, and body. This harmony or balance is achieved as you learn to steady yourself in each new yoga pose. From the basic beginner poses to the more complex exercises, yoga teaches you to build your balance as you grow your core strength and flexibility.

The National Institute of Health points out that as we age, our balance decreases. On average, 1.6 million adults are hospitalized every year due to a fall. While certain accidents are unpredictable, practicing yoga will help you avoid accidents related to loss of balance.

4. Yoga for Joint Health

As the body ages, achy joints become a reality for most people. If you're in pain, yoga may be the healing solution for you. Whether you experience joint pain during certain activities or it develops gradually, you can treat this joint pain with yoga practice.

Conditions like osteoarthritis and arthritis are thought to be the result of a sedentary lifestyle. In the absence of an active lifestyle, the ligaments, tendons, and muscles weaken over time. As your body can’t support your joints, they start to hurt.

With yoga, you’ll experience regular movement that keeps your joints active. The consistent movement will circulate synovial fluid, the substance that repairs and nourishes the cartilage around your joints.

5. Yoga for Back Pain

Back pain is another common ailment that many people experience as they get older. Yoga’s reliance on asanas or poses and breathing techniques or pranayama helps the body address pain in the muscles. Yoga targets the lower back and, when practiced correctly, can be used to prevent back pain. Yoga helps to strengthen and stretch the muscles supporting the spine, back, and abdomen--all muscles that are necessary to stabilize your back.

If you’re experiencing back pain, keep in mind that yoga can cause back-related injuries if practiced improperly. When performing the poses, make sure to use the proper form and appropriate speed to avoid injury.    

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6. Yoga for Stress

Stress is unavoidable in life. If stress goes untreated, it can lead to several complications that will affect your health and wellbeing. Practicing yoga relaxes the body, clears the mind, and helps you control your breath. By establishing a consistent yoga routine, you’ll be able to change how you react to certain situations, which will help you regain control over your anxiety. With controlled breathing and routine exercises of yoga, you’ll find that this mindfulness activity helps to keep you centered and de-stressed.

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7. Yoga for Posture

As the body ages and adjusts to the wear and tear of daily life, your posture may begin to change. Poor posture can trigger joint problems, neck and muscle pain, and similar issues. Maintaining a healthy posture takes intentional practice and regularly practicing yoga will help you achieve this. With consistent practicing, you’ll be able to improve your posture and protect your health.

In short, the many benefits of yoga can lead to a happier and healthier life. Give it a try and experience it for yourself.

Sarah teaching at Henham Barns

Emily Burton 

Emily Burton is a health enthusiast. With a degree in Kinesiology, she has spent years dedicated to healthy lifestyle studies. She now writes for local and private blogs, newsletters, and magazines. When she isn't writing, she is spending time with her husband and two sons.


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