Ethical and Eco Yoga Shop

We’re not one of the big guys. Small is beautiful as far as we’re concerned. We make our yoga equipment by hand here in Norfolk, employing local artisans, sourcing our raw ingredients from the fields around us where possible, working with yogi makers, and most of all, taking care of you - our lovely customers.

That means having a phone, which we actually answer! It’s how we find out what you want, and how we’re doing.

We know that you love that we reduce, recycle and reuse everywhere we can. If you get a package from us, it will be well wrapped, but it might be on it’s second, or even third journey around the sun. We see beauty in battle scars.

We want everyone to live sustainably – for us that means pleasing our customers, supporting yogi makers and UK producers, practicing yoga first thing in the morning, and finishing work in time to go for a walk and cuddle the cat. How can we help you?

Made by yogis

Made by Yogis Eco Yoga Loungewear

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made by yogis
Breathe Yoga Hoodie
Toasty warm, super-comfy yoga hoodie reminding everyone to Breathe.
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Made by yogis

Breathe Yoga Inspired Clothing

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Made by yogis

Namaste Clothing

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Made By Yogis

Soul Sister Yoga Loungewear

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Why Everything We Sell is Made by Yogis

Fit and Flatter Your Unique Body

Yogis make yoga clothing that moves and flows with your body. Snug but not too tight, no riding up or down, flattering your unique body shape without unintentional exposure.

Find Your Peaceful Place

Yogi makers use super soft fabrics and touch worthy textures to help you find your peaceful place – whether you’re on your mat, on the school run, or on the sofa.

Show the Planet Serious Love

Yogi makers show the planet serious love. Environmental safeguarding, championing diversity, recycling and giving back. Animal suffering, never. Workplace wellbeing, always.