10% Off Yoga Mat Bundles

Our yoga mat bundles include a yoga mat, yoga block, and yoga strap, with an optional eye pillow.

Try a New Style in 2021

Find your perfect fit yoga tops, long sleeve yoga tops and tank tops, beautifully made by yogis for the studio, the street and the sofa.

Curated products for mindful living, inspired by a love of yoga

Everything we sell in our yoga shop is made by yogis to fit and flatter you, to help you find your peaceful place, and to show the planet serious love. 

Eye Pillows & Wheat Bags
Handmade with pure linen and stuffed with Norfolk lavender.
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10% Off Eco Yoga Mat Bundles
A mindful 2021 begins on the mat.
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Home Yoga Studio
Everything you need to make your home your yoga studio.
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Yoga Beginners
Prepare for an inspiring 2021 with yoga.
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Yoga Pants & Leggings
Stretch your mind and body in 2021.
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Yoga Gift Sets
Find the perfect yoga gift set for your loved one. All beautifully made by yogis.
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Everything - from organic yoga tops to flattering yoga tops, yoga harem pants to plus size yoga clothes - is sustainably sourced.
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Yoga Bottoms for Men
Men’s yoga pants, men's yoga shorts and men's yoga leggings expertly engineered by yogis.
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Yoga Gifts
Yoga gifts for yoga lovers including yoga gift sets and yoga gifts for her
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Why We're Made by Yogis

Fit and Flatter Your Unique Body

Yogis make yoga clothing that moves and flows with your body. Snug but not too tight, no riding up or down, flattering your unique body shape without unintentional exposure.

Find Your Peaceful Place

Yogi makers use super soft fabrics and touch worthy textures to help you find your peaceful place – whether you’re on your mat, on the school run, or on the sofa.

Show the Planet Serious Love

Yogi makers show the planet serious love. Environmental safeguarding, championing diversity, recycling and giving back. Animal suffering, never. Workplace wellbeing, always.

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